Creative block. Here’s a quick drawing of an Antoinette-era teacup. I like looking at textiles lately. It’s sufficiently absorbing.

Party Animals

iPod Kitty :)

I did a very, very quick and topical sketch today. A large sinkhole has appeared in the middle of a major traffic artery in the heart of Kuala Lumpur and it’s gotten everyone talking. As if that hell-hole (pun unintended) wasn’t jammed up enough! Here’s a link for the curious, if you want to see just how massive it is. 


rinkledoo asked:

what kind of pen you usually use to draw? so nice :D


Thanks! :) For ink drawings I use a variety of different nibs and markers but for digital I’m using the Intuous Creative Stylus from Wacom. Funny thing is, I use it without the Bluetooth/battery, I just use the nib (it can’t connect to Paper app). The nib is hardy and surprisingly responsive on Paper app. You get pressure sensitivity with it on Sketchbook Pro though via Bluetooth. Previously I used Bamboo, but the nib always tore :/